Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Pictures, A few With Mommy Too!

I had a few minutes this evening before stepping out so I thought I'd take the chance to post the new photos we took today. These are of Belly's new Christmas Tree along with one or two of Belly and Mommy and the tree. Not enough pictures of Belly and Mommy being take.
Also, because I just couldn't resist any longer, some tubbytime pics. Enjoy.

Isabella's Christmas List

Well with the holidays being so close I figured, Well Belly figured, she had better get to work on her Christmas List. This is for her family. So here goes.
Fisher Price Toys...
Any of the Amazing Animals Toys, and I do mean any and all.
Ocean Wonders Musical Fish bowl (belly is a total fish nut)
Peek-A-Blocks Alphabet Blocks
Actually any of the Peek-A-Block sets.
Little Tikes Toys...
These first 4 are bath tub toys (Belly loves her baths)
Floating Fountain
Glow Pals Assortment
Bathtime Band
Melody Beads Piano
And anything else you think she might enjoy.

Mommy wants to introduce her to many different kinds of animals (stuffed of course) so anything wild animal related would be awesome.
Like Tigers, chimps, monkeys, snakes, Zebras, Lions, etc. You get the picture.
And also of course, a girl can never have enough clothes. For winter 6-9 months for spring 9-12 months.

So there is a rough Christmas List for yah all.
We're all very excited about Belly's first Christmas. The next post here with be her own private Christmas Tree compliments of mommy of course.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Now This Is A Video!!!

So much to talk about since our last post. Well Bella and the doorway Johnny Jumpup didn't really work out. She would get so crazy in it she'd swing herself around and ended up bonking herself in the head on the doorway. Soooo... we started looking for a Jumperoo, which is a stationary jumper not in a doorway. I was on the lookout for a Fischer Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Sure I could have gotten a brand new one but you don't want to know how much that would cost. So (again) I hit Craig's List, which is where we have found some GREAT stuff for Belly and began my lookout. After a few disappointments, I finally got my hands on one. hardly used at half price, just a trip to Cohoes.
We knew Belly would love it being it has TONS of cool toys and lights and bells and whistles on it. Last night was her first try out of it. WOW!!!! A picture, or rather a video, speaks thousand words.
But before I post the video, more news. Belly is learning to hold her own bottle so mommy and daddy picked up a few small easy to hold little bottles with handles etc. She's having a great time and getting really good at holding her own bottle. She is also learning how to feed herself (with a spoon of course) She LOVES doing that. Nothing more fun than putting something in your mouth and lo and behold it has your favorite food on it!!!
Her back is getting so strong these days that this afternoon, while mommy was changing her, she sat her down on her changing table expecting she would lie down and instead she just sat there!!! All by herself!!! Well needless to say it didn't last to long as she still needs practice and some strength but she is about a month away from sitting up by herself now. She can also roll from back to tummy now. THAT was a long time coming. Now if she'd only do it in the middle of the night :) mom and dad would be happy.
Let me see, anything else new to report. Well her Great Auntie Janie and Great Uncle Kevin were finally able to come for a visit last night. Belly had a fun time with them and she thought they were pretty neat :) They got to see her in her new jumperoo for the first time. We all just sat around giggling at her. Took her about 2 minutes to figure out what to do. That thing is a God send!!!!
Anyway, onto the video of the day. Enjoy all.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

3 Posts in 1 Day

Wow so much to catch up on. I forgot I had taken some pictures of Isabella in her Johnny JumpUp. Well I took some videos but they are sideways and I can't figure out how to turn them right-side-up or if I even can. So those will have to wait a while. But I do have some stand still pictures for now.

Isabella's First Dog Show

Well Isabella finally attended her first dog show. Out of town to makes things more interesting.
We attended the Turkey Circuit in West Springfield, Massachusetts. We left Friday evening and little peanut slept the entire way. First time she has done that. We arrived at our hotel finally, at around 10:00 p.m. after dropping off our stuff at the show site for setup. (crates, grooming table and stuff) After an hour or so of being wound up she went to sleep and slept the entire night. Not bad for being in a strange place and her pack-n-play. Ring time was 2:00 p.m. Saturday and we arrived there around noon. She was totally taken in with all the goings on and we met some friends we hadn't seen in a while who oohed and aaahed over her. She spent time in her stroller, in snugli and on grandma's shoulder where we took the majority of our naps that weekend. Hey it's better than no naps at all.
Saturday evening was back at the hotel for a wonderful lasagna dinner with good friends where we ate and showed them how to groom their affie. Isabella played and then hit the sack for a very early bedtime where she mostly slept through all the noise of us people and 3 rowdy affies playing. Sunday was another afternoon ring time. Much the same schedule as Saturday. We arrived home around 5 or so where she was down to bed before 8:00 p.m. I think. So, all in all, considering her whole schedule was out of whack, she did pretty good. None of the noise bothered her at all as she is VERY used to it around here.
Following are pictures of the weekend. Some Belly. some doggy. Enjoy!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving

Isabella sends everyone who didn't see her Thanksgiving a Happy Belated one. Things got so busy around here posting was impossible unfortunately!!!
She spent Thanksgiving morning with her other grandparents and they were kind enough to send along some pictures of her visit. So here they are...
First picture is Isabella and her wonderful little cousin Erica. Erica is the daughter of Chris's older brother Bill and is wife Julie. Sorry, no pictures of them. Looks like Erica is quite smitten with her new little cousin.

Next picture is Isabella and Grandma Pitcher.

And final picture is Auntie Julie. Ooops, I misspoke, there is a picture of Erica's mommy.

Monday, November 19, 2007

More Updates

Well little Bella Baby has a new walker. Yup she is going to be mobile soon!!!!! Now we're in trouble. I suspect she has been waiting for this day since conception :) We had to make an adjustment or two on the walker so her feet touch the ground more but she's getting into it.
On top of that she was also introduced today to her Johnny JumpUp! I think she found that infinitely more fun right now. She can jump AND spin around at the same time. She always did love to see in all 4 directions at the same time, and now she can. From any one of 6 upstairs doorways.
I don't have pictures today of that as she is in a bit of a cranky mood due to a somewhat awake evening. So tomorrow, hopefully, we can get some pictures and videos of Bella in her walker and Johnny Junp Up. Should make for some fun viewing.
She's on the same level as the dogs now and has found renewed interest in them and the cats. Mainly they have things I can grab and hold onto. Poor pups. Now the fun really starts.
Stay tuned for pics and videos.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Video

Well I do have another update. The day of my last update we decided little Belly needed some more stimulation. She is just developing so quickly and gets bored so easily that we can't keep her in toys and she's ready to be up and active now not just sitting in a chair looking at things. We brought out her exersaucer which we've had since Kristen was about 5 months along with her. It's just been gathering dust in the nursery. She has such a strong back and is so good at sitting up now that we figured she had to be strong and big enough to play in it now. Boy is she ever in love with that toy!!!! As the video will show she has the best time ever in that toy (until of course she becomes bored with that as well LOL) This is one of the cutest videos I think to date. I hope everyone enjoys it. Mommy took this video this time.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Pictures

I bet everyone is waiting for some new updates. Not a whole lot to tell. Well not entirely true. We have temporarily abandoned most of our speech in order to work diligently on grasping objects. We're getting very good at two handed grabbing now and naturally everything is in our mouth that gets into our hands. We sit up now to take our baths and LOVE all our duckies. We've discovered our feet now and play with them. We sit up in our highchair now to eat our cereal and fruit each evening. We love pears, not so much applesauce and were just introduced to bananas this evening and decided we liked them as well. We spend most of our lap time standing now as sitting has become old hat these days. So we love to stand. I think we're beginning to teethe now and rub our gums with our tongue alot and bite down hard on things. Usually someone's fingers OUCH!!! For someone with no teeth she certainly can bite hard.
The pictures I have for tonight are about a week or so old. I just haven't had time to upload them until this evening. She sure does make some funny faces! And she sure is changing almost daily now. Enjoy everyone.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Mommy's Trying to Catch Belly Rolling Over on Camera

This new video is exactly what the title indicates. Poor mommy has yet to watch Isabella roll over. We've woken up two mornings with her on her back but no one has seen it (grandma caught it one day in her cradle)
No she didn't roll over in the video but the show she gave was to cute not to put on here. I hope everyone enjoys. Also leave some comments if you have them and if anyone in the Pitcher family has any great photos taken of Belly send them along to post here. Everyone loves to see photos of her. And now for your viewing please...

Thursday, October 11, 2007

New Video

Here is the new video I promised you from today's posting.

Rollin' Rollin' Rollin On The River

No, no we're not doing an Ike and Tina Turner Revival here :) Our little one has finally decided it's high time she learn how to roll over. I suspect only because it's the last thing left to her at this age. We're not old enough nor strong enough to stand (although she does try) so heck why not try rolling over. We woke mom and dad up this morning at 6 a.m. VERY upset and angry that we had rolled over and dang it how do I get back on my belly???? Haven't figured that out yet. So our newest accomplishment this week.
Our speech continues to get funnier and funnier. Oh the sounds that come out of our mouth these days. Daddy took a couple of videos today and as soon as I download them from the camera to the computer I'll make sure I put them up here. With any luck they won't be as dark as our previous videos. She sure was talkin up a storm!!!! Well if you call screeching talking.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Night For Pictures

Here's some more:

More New Pictures

Well we did get some new pictures today and here they come:

How about another video. She is really chattering away here...


Reach For The Stars

Well maybe reach for our toy fox is a better title for this. You guessed it she is beginning to reach for things now. Each day she gets better and better. Helps that she has a few toys she is especially in love with. So those she really goes after. Trying to make those little arms do what she wants and those tiny fingers grab things when she wants them. Naturally everything we get in those little hands comes right to our mouth now.
We've outgrown all our summer clothes. Thank goodness fall is closing in. We're also outgrowing most of our autumn 3-6 months things. She is going to be tall that's for sure.
We've been showering her with toys (sometimes I wonder who enjoys them more she or us LOL) and we're just developing wonderfully as a result. She is very visual and has found the tv a fascination!!! Mommy is also beginning to read books to her and she loves looking at the pictures.
She turns 3 months old on the 12th of October. Hard to imagine 3 months have gone by already.
No pictures for now. Will try and get some new ones soon. Of her sitting up and playing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Video and update

Are you ready for another update. So soon you say? Well you know how they change daily. She is getting VERY good at sitting up by herself. Still have to get a picture of that. Maybe later on today. She can almost support herself. She is now enjoying apple juice as well and tolerating that really well. She is an apple juice fiend these days. She really loves the stuff. We go through more diapers as a result but so be it :)
Her vocal skills are also really improving and expanding. She is into complicated screeches nowadays. She also lets us know with these same screeches when she is displeased with something.
So I have another video. This time I am storing them at YouTube so when you click on it it will take you there to view the video. Seemed easier than trying to cram them all in the space they give me here. So enjoy.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Pictures

Nothing new to report today. Oh wait a minute. I remembered last night something I meant to add but neglected to. So I'll put it under today. Isabella has discovered how to suck on her tongue. We think she enjoys that almost as much as her pacifier? I'll try and get a small video of it for everyone.
For now, her Grandmother Pitcher sent a couple of wonderful pictures of one of their visits with her not to long ago. She loves to play the flying came and how cute is that face?????

Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Diary Begins

The author of this new Blog is her Grandmother O'Bryan and I will be, for the most part, keeping up on things around here.
I wish I had begun this when she first came into this world but well you know how life gets away from you when a new little ones comes into your lives. So it begins here, officially, at 2 months (or 9 weeks) of age.
First off, this Blog is basically the day in the life of our sweet little Isabella Marie O'Bryan- Pitcher. I will be posting all pictures we take and all the videos as well. And there are many and will be many many more to come. Every day she changes. So enough, on to the reports.
She had her second Pediatrician appointment. She was born 7lbs and 15oz and 20 inches long. As of Thursday, September 13 2007 she weighed 13lbs and was 24 inches long. Are you as amazed as we all were?
As to who she looks like. Well like most babies and the people who see them with their mommies and daddies, they could resemble either but from this reporters perspective and the pediatricians, she is the image of her mother. That is definitely her mother's nose and that O'Bryan chin can not be denied. As to the eyes? Well they could be mom's but it's a bit early to tell as everything to her is a mystery and they are always WIDE OPEN! But whoever she resembles she is a beauty and we're not prejudiced at all LOL.
Now onto her current accomplishments.
She is, of course, talking up a storm and smiling as well. Something, naturally we encourage every waking moment of her days. We've been trying to get her to push up with her arms but, to her, tummy time equates to mommy wants me to take a nap and of course is met with great discord. However, not to be denied her rightful place in this whole development "thing", she is sitting up assisted. I can see you all sitting there at your computers saying "No, she is only 2 months old they must be joking?" But I swear to you it's true and pictures will follow of that great feat shortly. For now, sitting is the only way to go and the only thing a true genius baby should be doing. So we sit. We also have enlisted her mother, father and grandmother as her legs. Being she can't use hers yet we are her legs. And boy does she walk LOL.
There is so much in this world to see and we don't want to miss a minute of it. We rarely do. Naps are not our favorite thing right now but we do sleep anywhere from 9-11 hours a night. So we can handle the up all day thing I guess. Only problem is she has so much on her agenda that we get little else done around here. I mean a whole world to discover who has time for mom and grandma to vacuum and wash dishes, PLEASE!
How about a little video now? This was taken around about September 10th or 11th so it is very recent. How wonderful is she.

She had a visit Thursday evening from her Grandma and Grandpa Pitcher. They also agree she is the most perfect little thing. Again, we're not at all prejudiced :) How about a picture of that visit? Okay never mind, the camera batteries went out and all we got was a tiny video which you can't even see. Well definitely next time or Grandma Pitcher if you're out there send a few picks this way of your last visit and they will be up here ASAP so everyone can see. How about a picture of her Uncle Corey for now. He is completely in love with her and is getting the hang of babies. All kidding aside, he's wonderful with her and, as you can see, she is pretty comfy with him as well.
Well I will end this for now and get this posted so I can email everyone to go immediately and see it.
This will be a private Blog for family and friends only.