Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Pictures

I bet everyone is waiting for some new updates. Not a whole lot to tell. Well not entirely true. We have temporarily abandoned most of our speech in order to work diligently on grasping objects. We're getting very good at two handed grabbing now and naturally everything is in our mouth that gets into our hands. We sit up now to take our baths and LOVE all our duckies. We've discovered our feet now and play with them. We sit up in our highchair now to eat our cereal and fruit each evening. We love pears, not so much applesauce and were just introduced to bananas this evening and decided we liked them as well. We spend most of our lap time standing now as sitting has become old hat these days. So we love to stand. I think we're beginning to teethe now and rub our gums with our tongue alot and bite down hard on things. Usually someone's fingers OUCH!!! For someone with no teeth she certainly can bite hard.
The pictures I have for tonight are about a week or so old. I just haven't had time to upload them until this evening. She sure does make some funny faces! And she sure is changing almost daily now. Enjoy everyone.

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