Sunday, December 2, 2007

Now This Is A Video!!!

So much to talk about since our last post. Well Bella and the doorway Johnny Jumpup didn't really work out. She would get so crazy in it she'd swing herself around and ended up bonking herself in the head on the doorway. Soooo... we started looking for a Jumperoo, which is a stationary jumper not in a doorway. I was on the lookout for a Fischer Price Rainforest Jumperoo. Sure I could have gotten a brand new one but you don't want to know how much that would cost. So (again) I hit Craig's List, which is where we have found some GREAT stuff for Belly and began my lookout. After a few disappointments, I finally got my hands on one. hardly used at half price, just a trip to Cohoes.
We knew Belly would love it being it has TONS of cool toys and lights and bells and whistles on it. Last night was her first try out of it. WOW!!!! A picture, or rather a video, speaks thousand words.
But before I post the video, more news. Belly is learning to hold her own bottle so mommy and daddy picked up a few small easy to hold little bottles with handles etc. She's having a great time and getting really good at holding her own bottle. She is also learning how to feed herself (with a spoon of course) She LOVES doing that. Nothing more fun than putting something in your mouth and lo and behold it has your favorite food on it!!!
Her back is getting so strong these days that this afternoon, while mommy was changing her, she sat her down on her changing table expecting she would lie down and instead she just sat there!!! All by herself!!! Well needless to say it didn't last to long as she still needs practice and some strength but she is about a month away from sitting up by herself now. She can also roll from back to tummy now. THAT was a long time coming. Now if she'd only do it in the middle of the night :) mom and dad would be happy.
Let me see, anything else new to report. Well her Great Auntie Janie and Great Uncle Kevin were finally able to come for a visit last night. Belly had a fun time with them and she thought they were pretty neat :) They got to see her in her new jumperoo for the first time. We all just sat around giggling at her. Took her about 2 minutes to figure out what to do. That thing is a God send!!!!
Anyway, onto the video of the day. Enjoy all.

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