Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Some Pictures

So Much To Catch Up On

I am really sorry for this looong lapse in posting here. You know how busy toddlers keep you on your toes. Yes she is a toddler now. Well almost I think.
Belly is cruisiung up a storm. The videos will prove that. She also has 5 teeth now and we think another one coming in soon given how cranky she is, red cheeked and chewing on her fingers alot. She is beginning to eat our food now although somewhat reluctantly at times. She loves peanut butter on toast and jelly on toast. She loves her Teddy Grahams and regular graham crackers. Ice cream naturally, and lest we forget chocolate milk. Well Ovaltine actually. She has figured out how to crawl regularly but we switch back and forth between regular crawl and arm crawl. We know how to stand up on almost anything now and we have our first pair of big girl shoes so we keep our feet flat on the floor now. We can pick our cookies up ourselves and and we love to throw our food around when we're done eating. Or bat it out of grandma and mom's hands when we don't require anymore. We RUN in our walker and we're beginning to climb out of it. So I suspect that won't be long for storage.
We LOVE being outdoors now and we have a couple of lawn toys which I have pictures of her playing in. Compliments of her cousin Jake Rundell.
Let me see, what else is going on in her life these days. Well we're 10 months old now. I guess the videos and pictures will tell more. So here they are and enjoy...