Monday, November 19, 2007

More Updates

Well little Bella Baby has a new walker. Yup she is going to be mobile soon!!!!! Now we're in trouble. I suspect she has been waiting for this day since conception :) We had to make an adjustment or two on the walker so her feet touch the ground more but she's getting into it.
On top of that she was also introduced today to her Johnny JumpUp! I think she found that infinitely more fun right now. She can jump AND spin around at the same time. She always did love to see in all 4 directions at the same time, and now she can. From any one of 6 upstairs doorways.
I don't have pictures today of that as she is in a bit of a cranky mood due to a somewhat awake evening. So tomorrow, hopefully, we can get some pictures and videos of Bella in her walker and Johnny Junp Up. Should make for some fun viewing.
She's on the same level as the dogs now and has found renewed interest in them and the cats. Mainly they have things I can grab and hold onto. Poor pups. Now the fun really starts.
Stay tuned for pics and videos.

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