Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Pictures

Nothing new to report today. Oh wait a minute. I remembered last night something I meant to add but neglected to. So I'll put it under today. Isabella has discovered how to suck on her tongue. We think she enjoys that almost as much as her pacifier? I'll try and get a small video of it for everyone.
For now, her Grandmother Pitcher sent a couple of wonderful pictures of one of their visits with her not to long ago. She loves to play the flying came and how cute is that face?????


janine said...

She is so cute. I told your brother that we need to get out for a visit. Give everyone our love. We will be in Lake George this weekend for the balloon festival and fundraiser for my nephew Nick.

lindalea1961 said...

Hi Everyone! I'm sorry I couldn't make the shower but I did send along some gifts I hope you got! She is so ADORABLE! I hope all is well. Miss you guys!