Saturday, February 23, 2008

More Pictures

Belly's Hot Date

Belly had a hot date today with a lovely blue eyed older man :) and his equally sweet adorable older brother (if you call 20 months older). We all had a wonderful time, a great visit and I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008



Sorry for the lengthy lapse in time between updates on Belly Bottoms. Life has been pretty busy around here lately. So on to the updates...
Belly continues to refuse to get up on her knees. We suspect it's largely because she is working hard on her walking skills. Only one thing at a time, you know :) The other day, while mommy was changing her, she pulled herself up on her changing table to a standing position. Twice as a matter of fact. She refuses to do it for grandma. Much like the turning over issue when mommy spent months trying to get her to turn over for her. Eventually I'll catch her in the act!
She is quite the expert in her walker now. Flying around the house and beginning to get into everything. Well everything she can reach. She especially loves hanging around the dog crates visiting with the pups. They, of course, love the extra attention. She has outgrown her Rainforest Bouncer now. Why sit still and bounce when you can walk all over the house. She still prefers walking on our fingers when she can talk us into it. Which is probably more often than we should let her.
Still waiting for those top teeth to come in. They are really giving her a hard time. She looks like a cross between Santa Claus and Rudolph. Red cheeks and a bright red nose. She mildly grumpy but still naps and sleeps at night. SO we consider ourselves lucky.
She is quickly outgrowing most of her winter clothes and has gone from chubby to slim and sleek as she slims down from all the exercise she gets now. She is going to be a tall one some day. For anyone wanting to purchase any spring/summer clothes for her 12-18 is the way to go now.
Belly's address will be changing in the next year or two. For those who know, we have finally found the land we are going to build on. In the one horse town of Carlyle (sp/?), NY. A lovely little 4 acre corner lot with a HUGE creek (I still say river not creek) that crosses the back of it and beautiful forests behind. We're excited about getting down to business with clearing and planting this summer. Also looking into doing the well and septic maybe this summer. Depends on many things. But anyway, she will be spending many weekends there with us digging in the dirt as well.
Well I can't think of anything else for now. I'll post some pictures above mom and dad took of belly in her crib. Enjoy.