Friday, March 21, 2008

New Pictures

Much To Catch Up On

So sorry for the serious lack of posts on here. It's just been busy around here is all. Hopefully I won't forget anything. So here goes ...
Well Belly has her two top teeth in now. They came in with much incident with the first and nothing with the second, thankfully. Belly is back to her happy go lucky, bossy self :). She is REALLY changing and growing. We are on all baby foods and beginning to graduate a little to people foods. Mostly yogurt and of course chocolate milk. We're switching her over to whole cows milk now and she's doing just fine with it. She isn't crawling in the traditional sense but she does get around with the standard Army crawl. Appears she prefers this for the time being. I suspect she still has her eyes on the ultimate baby prize... WALKING!!!! Which brings me to another first. About a week ago she pulled herself up in her crib for the first time and now we do it every time nap and beddy time are over. We think we're pretty clever these days. We even take a few sideways cruisin steps now. Nothing yet downstairs as I think the furniture is just to high for her to reach. She prefers our fingers when it's walking time anyway (sadly for our backs).
We've discovered facial features such as our noses, mouths etc. and we're none to gentle with them. I think she is hoping they come off for some play but alas only scratches and screams from the attached human :) She is a brute when it comes to this game.
She has one kitty left that tolerates her now and this cat confuses us. Belly abuses the you know what out of her and she just comes back for more pain! Go figure?
Let me see what else am I forgetting. Belly has another dog show coming up next weekend in Syracuse, NY. Should be fun with her being older and less demanding???
Her first Easter is two days away and she is spending it at her great grandmother and grandfather's home. Hopefully I'll remember the camera and then remember to actually take pictures.
I'm not sure if I have any current pictures to upload here but I'll check and put them in another post.
I think that's it for now.