Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Isabella's Christmas List

Well with the holidays being so close I figured, Well Belly figured, she had better get to work on her Christmas List. This is for her family. So here goes.
Fisher Price Toys...
Any of the Amazing Animals Toys, and I do mean any and all.
Ocean Wonders Musical Fish bowl (belly is a total fish nut)
Peek-A-Blocks Alphabet Blocks
Actually any of the Peek-A-Block sets.
Little Tikes Toys...
These first 4 are bath tub toys (Belly loves her baths)
Floating Fountain
Glow Pals Assortment
Bathtime Band
Melody Beads Piano
And anything else you think she might enjoy.

Mommy wants to introduce her to many different kinds of animals (stuffed of course) so anything wild animal related would be awesome.
Like Tigers, chimps, monkeys, snakes, Zebras, Lions, etc. You get the picture.
And also of course, a girl can never have enough clothes. For winter 6-9 months for spring 9-12 months.

So there is a rough Christmas List for yah all.
We're all very excited about Belly's first Christmas. The next post here with be her own private Christmas Tree compliments of mommy of course.

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