Monday, September 8, 2008

And A Few Cute Pics

As the title implies...

Walking Videos

Here are the much awaited walking (and talking)videos of Belly. Enjoy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

She's A Walkin!!!!

I am about a week or so late with this Blog and I apologize. But when you know now that she is finally walking those mommies out there will understand. Boy dies she keep us a hoppin!!!! All she wants to do now is walk everywhere and mostly outside. She LOVES being outdoors. So after a mad rush of cleaning indoors she is outside until nap time. She is so much happier and her personality is changing daily now. She is so much the toddler/little girl now and no real baby left in her anymore. We're climbing things, and sliding and swinging and learning how to run and everything a little girl would do. She isn't a baby any longer, and I admit (and I know mommy feels the same) we really miss that baby sometimes. Although not the late night stuff. She's totally on solid foods and transitioning nicely to a sippy cup and just really growing up so fast now. Every day brings so many changes. We do have some videos of her first steps and will take some new ones of her actually walking now.
Our vocabulary skills have also grown since the walking. Our list of words...
night night
bye bye
baba (bottle)
Kyle (which is her Uncle Kyle)
and some non-descript sets of sounds that always mean outside yet isn't the word outside. Don't know where that came from?
So every day is something new with her as she discovers all the things she can do now. She is so giggly and funny, always trying to get you're attention now with her antics. Typical silly little girl.
So hopefully tomorrow we'll have at least her first steps video up and some real walking ones in the coming days.