Tuesday, September 25, 2007

New Video and update

Are you ready for another update. So soon you say? Well you know how they change daily. She is getting VERY good at sitting up by herself. Still have to get a picture of that. Maybe later on today. She can almost support herself. She is now enjoying apple juice as well and tolerating that really well. She is an apple juice fiend these days. She really loves the stuff. We go through more diapers as a result but so be it :)
Her vocal skills are also really improving and expanding. She is into complicated screeches nowadays. She also lets us know with these same screeches when she is displeased with something.
So I have another video. This time I am storing them at YouTube so when you click on it it will take you there to view the video. Seemed easier than trying to cram them all in the space they give me here. So enjoy.

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