Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Video

Well I do have another update. The day of my last update we decided little Belly needed some more stimulation. She is just developing so quickly and gets bored so easily that we can't keep her in toys and she's ready to be up and active now not just sitting in a chair looking at things. We brought out her exersaucer which we've had since Kristen was about 5 months along with her. It's just been gathering dust in the nursery. She has such a strong back and is so good at sitting up now that we figured she had to be strong and big enough to play in it now. Boy is she ever in love with that toy!!!! As the video will show she has the best time ever in that toy (until of course she becomes bored with that as well LOL) This is one of the cutest videos I think to date. I hope everyone enjoys it. Mommy took this video this time.

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