Friday, September 28, 2007

Reach For The Stars

Well maybe reach for our toy fox is a better title for this. You guessed it she is beginning to reach for things now. Each day she gets better and better. Helps that she has a few toys she is especially in love with. So those she really goes after. Trying to make those little arms do what she wants and those tiny fingers grab things when she wants them. Naturally everything we get in those little hands comes right to our mouth now.
We've outgrown all our summer clothes. Thank goodness fall is closing in. We're also outgrowing most of our autumn 3-6 months things. She is going to be tall that's for sure.
We've been showering her with toys (sometimes I wonder who enjoys them more she or us LOL) and we're just developing wonderfully as a result. She is very visual and has found the tv a fascination!!! Mommy is also beginning to read books to her and she loves looking at the pictures.
She turns 3 months old on the 12th of October. Hard to imagine 3 months have gone by already.
No pictures for now. Will try and get some new ones soon. Of her sitting up and playing.

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