Monday, July 21, 2008

The First Year Birthday Party and Naming Ceremony

Normally a naming ceremony is done the first months after birthday. But it never seemed like we could coordinate everyone's schedule for last summer or even early fall so we opted for her first birthday. So Belly has a Celtic Naming Ceremony which essentially was many blessings said to her for a happy and healthy life. It was a great party. Everyone had a wonderful time. Belly was excellently behaved (being it took place after her nap) and we have tons of pictures and videos. I'm thinking of posting the pictures on another site with a link to it instead of putting everything on here. If that's accomplished the link will be in this post.
Okay here is the link for the entire days events at Photo Bucket. Enjoy. There are ALOT of photos so have some sit down time before you view them all.
Birthday Party Photos

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