Saturday, January 5, 2008

General Update

Okay, now that the Christmas stuff is done, on to some general updates on Belly's life.
Well we have finally grown into our walker and are spending much more time in it so we can learn how to navigate ourself properly. She's learning.
We do have some exciting news though. This happened a couple of days ago. Belly had one REALLY cranky nasty day only to wake the next morning with her first brand new tooth. Pics to come as soon as it can be seen when she smiles. She thinks it's pretty neat and is testing it on everything! Including our tender flesh LOL. She is sitting up unassisted and only occasionally topples to the side. But that will come shortly. We are also getting up on our knees now in preparation for crawling. We started that a few days ago too. Pics to come as soon as Grandma thinks to bring the camera downstairs when she is having tummy time. Now that our tooth is in we are much happier and spending alot of time playing with our news toys and really enjoy tummy time these days. So pretty soon she will be up on all fours and beginning to crawl. Life won't be the same around here once that happens!!!!
Let me see if I have forgotten anything? We really LOVE going bowling Tuesday nights. We LOVE the crowds of people and flirt with every there. We're almost ready to be in a stroller without the baby seat in it. We're going to try that shortly. She should enjoy that alot more. She'll be able to see the world better. Also we'll be looking for a backpack now as we've outgrown our snuggly and life will be fun atop mommy and daddy instead of lying down in a stroller. Little do they know how strong their backs will get *giggle*. Hmm anything else before I sign off? Nope I think that's it for now. If the Pitcher family wants any of their Christmas pics on here of their time with Belly email them along and I'll get them all up ASAP. Until the next update.

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