Thursday, January 10, 2008

Another One

Well as I predicted tooth number two broke through yesterday. Without incidence, muss or fuss. Mommy found that one too. Any predictions as to when the top teeth will make their appearance?
We've also figured out how to go forward in our walker. Now to deal with the side to side thing. So far we can only go backwards and forwards until we hit an immovable object then we're stuck until someone comes along. We also LOVE to walk around . Not alone of course but holding onto someone's fingers. We are figuring out how to make our feet go. One foot in front of the other, such a clever girl :)
Well that's it for now. We're not in a very good mood today as we had a long trip to NYC yesterday and got up to early this morning. As I write this she is napping in her swing for a little while. Hopefully that will put her in a better mood until nap time. It's tough being a girl on the go.

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