Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Update

Finally some updates. Well her second christmas was alot more fun than her first, naturally. Although by the 4th gift she was already tired of opening presents. We do have lots of pictures and videos and I'll get to those as soon as possible.
For now how about some verbal updates on her developments.
We've stopped counting teeth as she is growing them in faster than we can count and sticking our fingers in her mouth is not beneficial to our digit safety any longer. Suffice it to say she has enough now. She is feeding herself and beginning to use a spoon to feed herself. She is still a VERY picky eater. So we struggle with that daily. She is an expert walker and runner now. She LOVES her books and has pretty much an unending vocabulary. She mimics about everything you say and is beginning with multiple word sentences now. She climbs on and off furniture without falling now and walking upstairs most of the time holding onto the railing. She is more little girl than she is toddler or baby these days. We are amazed at how she has changed in a year. She looks nothing like that chubby little thing we had last Christmas. Time does fly.
I'll get those Christmas pictures and videos up soon.

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